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Insulated terminals

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Insulated terminals are nowadays a more popular kind of connector accessories, mainly used to achieve electrical connection, because nowadays the degree of industrial automation is getting higher and higher, so the requirements in the industrial processing process are more and more strict, so we apply In these aspects of the insulation terminal in the quality is to have a certain degree of protection, but now on the market so many insulated terminal manufacturers and insulated terminal products, how to select better quality insulation terminal and insulation terminal manufacturers are all we have to be confused One of the problems, I will explain to you some of the things that need attention in the process of selecting insulated terminals. I hope you can have a better understanding of insulated terminals.

First of all need to have a relatively thorough understanding of the insulated terminal, so that when selecting the insulated terminal is very helpful, you can judge from many aspects of this insulation terminal is safe and stable during use, you can first insulation Terminal manufacturer's production certificate, qualification certificate, whether a manufacturer is in the production of insulated terminals is a professional and regular, general high-quality insulated terminal manufacturers are qualified certificates and certificates of honor, the quality of insulated terminals produced by such manufacturers Relatively higher.


Of course, the insulation terminal produced by the same insulated terminal manufacturer is also different in quality, we can actually have a lot of judgments from the aspect of appearance, such as the weight of the insulated terminal, the inferior insulated terminal is relatively light, there is no real Heavy feeling, so that it is extremely easy to cause scratches, breakages, etc. in the course of use, and good quality insulated terminals are slightly heavier in weight because the insulated terminals are structurally very tight and the entire insulated terminal is very The sturdiness is extremely not easily damaged by scratches during use. Generally speaking, high-quality insulated terminals are good resins in terms of material selection, because the resin has a flame-retardant effect, we can make a short burning of the core part of the insulated terminal to the manufacturers when purchasing. The experiment, if the manufacturer agrees, and in the course of the experiment, there is no problem with the insulated terminal, this insulated terminal is the use of high-quality resin material to create insulated terminals, not only hard, but also has a flame retardant, anti-arcing effect.

Of course, when selecting the insulated terminal, in addition to considering the use of materials in the processing of the insulated terminal, we need to deal with the power factor of the selected insulated terminal. This is just like we buy everything. Good is not necessarily suitable. Therefore, we also need to select the appropriate insulated terminal according to the actual use environment. You can not buy some insulated terminals with high quality, but the use environment is completely inconsistent. In the course of use, there are problems. You say that the quality of people is not good. This is not correct. It is exactly that the knife is not used on the steel blade. It is also very important to select the appropriate insulated terminal.

Finally, in addition to the above factors, you need to compare the price of the insulated terminal market when selecting insulated terminals. Remember not to be greedy and cheap, some of the prices are far lower than the market price of insulated terminals, there must be some problems, do not The cost-saving to purchase such insulated terminals is sure to be a problem during the subsequent use process. In the end, it will only lead to a loss, so you need to compare the insulated terminals of some market price accessories, select some of the quality is relatively high, the price is also relatively It is appropriate to choose the most cost-effective insulated terminal.

The above is the purchase method of insulated terminals, all provided by the West China Science and Technology Organization, hope to be able to choose insulation terminal when everyone has a certain degree of help.

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