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Insulation ends will become mainstream

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

Adding insulation terminations to electronic devices is now a popular trend in the market. The market for insulation terminations is also increasing and the range of applications is becoming wider and wider. Therefore, insulation terminations will become mainstream in the market. , Insulation head manufacturers also have to constantly optimize the production of insulating end.

Of course, for the moment, the domestic market for insulating end caps is still very severe, and foreign high-quality insulated end caps occupy a relatively large amount in China's market, so the task of domestic insulated end enterprises is very arduous, and the insulation end must be implemented. The above technology supports the adjustment of the insulation end product structure, achieving a comprehensive breakthrough in the three major areas of thinking, the traditional framework, and price constraints.


The first is that China's insulated end-manufacturers must change their traditional mindset, adjust themselves, revisit the demand for insulated terminals in the market, adjust the internal production of insulated terminals, and allow their own production of insulated terminals. There is a certain degree of competitiveness in the market.

The second is that the insulation terminal manufacturers must break through the traditional framework, break through some of the previous production mode of the terminal, and carry out large-scale internal reforms to realize the high-efficiency, high-quality, and low-cost enterprise mechanism in the production of insulation terminals.

Finally, the limitation of breaking the price of insulated terminals is that manufacturers must increase their production technology in the production of insulated terminals in order to achieve lower production costs, which can make the insulation of the end of the market in terms of the price is relatively low, Make your own production of insulation terminal market mainstream products.

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