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Insulated terminal crimping technology

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Today, I'll explain to you some basic knowledge of the insulated terminal crimping technology, such as some technical requirements for crimping of insulated terminals, standards for inspection after crimping, crimping methods, etc. to give everyone insulation terminal crimping. The detailed introduction.

Some of the tools that need to be prepared when crimping insulated terminals are strippers, tape measures, electricians, and screwdrivers.

When we use crimping for insulated terminals, there are certain standards in terms of technology. The first is that during the stripping process of the wire insulation layer, the wire core inside the wire cannot be damaged, and the wire is stripped of the insulation layer at the same time. The length of the cross-section meets the requirements, and then the appropriate insulated terminals are selected for splicing according to this conforming wire. If you do not know that these crimped conductors need to be stripped of the standard length of the cross section, you can use a special screwdriver to operate. Insert a special screwdriver into the hole of the process in the insulated terminal, and give the spring hole of the entire insulated terminal. When you open and then insert the wire that needs to be spliced into the deepest hole of the insulated terminal, this deepest point means that the wire encountered resistance during the insertion process, and then a professional screwdriver is taken out and inserted. This time we There is an obvious indentation above the removed wire, which is the cross-sectional length of the wire that we need to strip.


Before the crimping, we should clean the insulated terminal and the stripped cross-section of the wire to ensure that both are clean. In particular, the inside of the insulated terminal also needs to be carefully cleaned, and then the entire wire is stripped. All the wire cores are all inserted into the insulated terminals, there is no extra loose copper wire, of course, in the entire crimping process, there are certain requirements for the use of crimping pliers, the first is to use crimping special crimping pliers, And is not damaged in the effective period of the crimping pliers, followed by the use of crimping pliers must certainly be crimped with the required cross-section is consistent, so as to ensure that the entire crimping is correct, to meet the original standard requirements. Of course, when there are some special crimping requirements, it is necessary to operate according to the actual situation. For example, when using a V-type crimping pliers, we must allow the crimping operation to be normal and to achieve a standard of conformity. The crimped indentation should be shown below the insulated terminal sleeve. Secondly, when crimping tools that do not have positional restrictions are used for crimping, it is necessary to press the handle of the crimping tool to the bottom so that the crimped insulation head can perform its performance.

Finally, we will give you some installation knowledge about the wire marks after crimping.

In general, we use heat-shrink tubing as the wire mark when we make wire marks for crimping. We should heat the entire heat-shrink tube in advance with a special heating device, and then heat the heat-shrink tube evenly before crimping. The sleeve is placed where the wire and insulated terminal need to be crimped. Of course, it cannot be placed on the surface of the insulated terminal. After confirming the direction, the crimping can be performed. All directions are nested in the direction of the lettered wire axis.

The above is some of the knowledge of insulated terminal crimping technology, all provided by the West China Science and Technology finishing, if you have more questions about the insulated terminal, please login to our website to watch inquiries, we will help you for the first time Solve the problem.