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Copper terminal storage method

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

Do you know how to properly store copper terminals? If you do not know the correct storage method, it is better to understand that this can make your copper terminal storage life longer and also allows you to use copper terminals more secure. The following describes the correct storage copper terminal method for you:

1. The environment in which the copper terminals are selected must be properly stored. The environment in which copper terminals are normally stored must not be excessively high in temperature, extremely humid, and not corrosive. If stored in these environments, it will make your copper. The storage life of the terminals is greatly reduced and the use of copper terminals in such environments is more likely to cause leakage. If you store copper terminals in the wrong way, the strength, insulation, and other properties of the copper terminals will be greatly reduced. Failure to meet your requirements will also put your safety at risk. .

2, the correct storage copper terminal environment must be selected in the temperature can not exceed 75 degrees (can also use the air conditioning temperature adjustment), clean and dust-free and corrosive gases, moisture can not be too heavy (humidity can be carried out by the temperature of the environment If the temperature is low, the moisture concentration may be higher.) The correct storage copper terminal can effectively increase the life of the copper terminal and the copper terminal is safer when you use it. It will not appear because the dust or moisture enters the copper terminal. Let it appear short circuit and leakage.