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Insulation end effect

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

Do you know what kind of role the insulation end plays in many devices? If you don't know the role of the insulation tip, it's better to understand that this will make it easier for you to choose the insulation tip. The following describes the role of the insulation head:

The role of the insulation head is actually the metal inside the insulation head. When using the insulation head, you only need to insert the wire you want to connect into the hole at both ends of the insulation head, and then use a screw to fasten the insulation head or Yes, let go. Insulated terminals are suitable for customers who need to be frequently disconnected or connected. For example, two wires need to be connected together, they need to be fastened after the insulation is fastened, and if they are loosened, they can be released. Breaking, it is not necessary to weld these wires or to wind them in use and these methods of use are not safe. For example, it is difficult to separate them and there is a risk of leakage. This will allow you to use these lines when the appearance is not disorderly and orderly. If you have a strong memory, you only need to take a look and you can memorize all the lines of the device. The equipment can be viewed and repaired at the first time when there is a problem with the equipment. The maintenance allows you to use these products with more confidence and safety. When you use the insulated terminal, it is necessary to replace it when it is found to be damaged. Avoid the fire caused by the breakage of the line.