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End contact failure

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Nowadays, the application of terminals has become more and more extensive. Everyone knows that the ends are composed of two parts of insulating material and electric conductor. These two parts respectively determine the insulation performance and electric conductivity of the terminal, so these two parts The quality is directly related to the quality of the entire end. Because the terminal is used in some conductive projects, if a problem occurs in one terminal, it may cause problems in the entire system. Therefore, we must promptly prevent the terminal before it fails. When the terminal fails, we must Timely repair. In terms of a certain aspect, prevention is more important than repair, and it can ensure the stability and reliability of end-use.

Generally speaking, the three major factors that may cause failure of the terminal are poor contact, poor insulation, and poor fixation.


Today, I gave everyone a bad contact fault factor. In the above, we also mentioned that insulating materials and electrical conductors are the two core components in the terminal. The electrical conductor is the voltage that is transmitted from the external wires or cables. Corresponding contacts, so the contact must have a good structure, the only way to maintain stable contact, so that the voltage is always stable transmission, so we prevent the failure in the contact area is to use a reasonable design of the contact structure The materials used must also be of good quality. The contact parts manufactured with the advanced processing technology should be used. After the assembly is completed, certain protection work must be done during the storage process. If the above conditions are met and there is a failure factor such as poor contact at the end, we need to consider whether it is in some harsh environments or whether there are improper operations during use. The situation will lead to contact with the contact parts and the two parts of the contact with poor conditions.

The above are some of the factors that cause end-to-end contact failures. We can do preventive work in some areas to ensure that contact failures are reduced during use. If you want to understand the other two types of faults, you can log in to Huaxi. Technology website for viewing inquiries.