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Copper terminal structure features

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

Nowadays, copper terminals have gradually played their own brand effect, becoming an important factor in the electronics industry. In some products, they are one of the important components. It is certain that everyone does not understand copper terminals. Let me explain to you the structural features of the copper terminals.

Copper terminals in the design of the structure on the more emphasis on the convenience of wiring and connection of two major characteristics, copper terminals and other terminals can be compatible, in terms of flexibility has greatly improved, followed by a more solid connection, the connection is very Convenient, simple and secure, no subsequent maintenance is required.


The copper terminal uses RTB connection technology of the existing rail connection terminal during production, and the copper connection terminal is formed on the above by adding electronic components. The copper terminal terminal isolates the control unit and each sensor and actuator well. It is automated and interference-free, and can also be used in a variety of locations to accommodate a wide range of voltage and power ranges.

Of course, the contact area of the copper terminal is also very wide, so the contact pressure is very large, and it has relatively good anti-seismic and anti-loosening performance. In addition to the copper terminal, it is very convenient and simple to use, and the insulation performance is also very good. It is also relatively long, so it has been widely used in the field of automation.

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