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Copper terminal introduction

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Do you know copper terminals for this product? If you don't know the copper terminal, it's better to find out if this can make you more convenient when using the copper terminal and you can let you select the most through the introduction of these points when choosing the copper terminal. Suitable for your copper terminal block. The following describes copper terminals for you:

Copper terminals can be seen from the name of a copper terminal from the production of a terminal, copper terminals to ensure that customers in the electrical circuit to ensure the reliability and convenience of wiring. The copper terminal is at the end of the wire and then use a special crimping tool to connect the copper terminal to the wire. Then you can fix the copper terminal in the position you want to fix. Now the commonly used copper terminals are RNB type and DATG. The type of copper terminal fixing screws are all about 5mm. If other types of copper terminals, there are 10mm and other screws for failure. When selecting the copper terminal, be sure to investigate the environment and other information of the copper terminal you are using. After you understand it, you can choose the copper terminal to ensure that the copper terminal does not appear to meet the requirements.

When copper terminals are used, certain maintenance of the copper terminals is also needed to ensure the safety of your use of electrical equipment. For example, regularly clean the copper terminals and check the copper terminals for signs of corrosion, etc. Be careful when using copper terminals. Do not use in a damp environment to prevent moisture from entering the copper terminal and allow it to leak. This will pose a threat to your safety.