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Copper terminal connection

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Nowadays, in the industrial automation industry, copper terminal fittings have been gradually used because of the wide range of copper terminals and their versatility. When used as wiring accessories, they have unparalleled advantages in the past, but how can the copper terminals be correctly applied to the wire connection and The field of signal transmission is a question that needs to be considered. The most important one is to choose which connection method to use when using copper terminals. A reasonable selection of connection methods can make the use of copper terminals more effective. Today, I will introduce you to several types. Copper terminal connection.


One of the most common copper terminals used in connection is soldering, in which soldering is the most common. The simple point of soldering is to connect the surface of the terminal and the solder material, resulting in the continuity of the metal. In this type of connection, the most important is the solderability of the copper terminal. If the copper terminal is good in terms of solderability, the connection method of soldering can be used. The effect is very significant.

The second connection of copper terminals is crimping. The so-called crimping is a technique in which copper terminals are compressed and positioned within specified requirements and then connected. The advantage of crimping is that the metal is dissolved by technology. The flow gets better mechanical strength and electrical continuity. Crimping this connection method is generally used in places with relatively harsh environments, so that the connection can withstand some external bad factors, especially in some current situations. In the place, the crimping connection method is designated as the only connection method, and the reliability of the crimping is also higher than that of the welding, but the crimping connection method has one of the most fatal disadvantages. The crimping connection method is The permanent connection method can only be used once, so there is no use of welding in this connection.

The third connection method of the copper terminal is the winding. The winding mainly uses the winding gun and the fixed winding machine to wind the wire directly on the contact winding column. Generally, the wire is wound, pressed into and fixed on the wire. Above the contact, an absolute hermetic seal is formed. Of course, there are no other connections that are so common in this type of connection. This is because there are many requirements for this type of connection, and there are clear ranges for the diameter of the wire and the extensibility of the conductor. This leads to This method has been subject to certain specifications and cannot be used in a wide range.

The fourth connection method of the copper terminal is to pierce the connection. The puncture connection is now a relatively advanced and high-end technology. The current scope of application is not very extensive. It is mainly applicable to the connection between some ribbon cables. The main operation is The method is to insert the copper terminal contact spring into the insulating layer, and then let the conductor of the cable clamp the copper terminal. This connection can make the connection between the copper terminal and the cable more compact, and the operation is very simple. Convenient and very stable after operation, why is it not widely popular? In fact, the reason is the same with the winding, it is also limited in the connection, puncture connection of this connection, although the tools needed are relatively simple, but the use of cable must use the specified wire gauge.

The above is the copper terminal connection provided by Huaxi Technology. If you have more copper terminal problems, please feel free to contact us to login our website to view and inquire, we will solve the problem for you at the first time.

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