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Insulation end application considerations

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

Insulation end has been applied to all walks of life nowadays, but when we apply the insulation end, there are some aspects that need more attention. Let me explain to you some applications of insulation end. matter.

The first is that when we apply the insulation end, we must first understand and familiarize with the insulation end to be operated, so as to perform the correct application of the insulation end. Because some do not have to prevent misuse of the insulation terminal, the manufacturer will carry out some unique signs on it, so we must choose the appropriate when the choice of insulation terminal for application, to ensure that the connection is correct in the application process is normal of. Of course, special attention should be paid to avoiding mis-insertion of some pins with sockets, which can lead to damage of the entire insulation tip and dangers such as contacts. Therefore, we must understand the corresponding operating regulations when performing insulation end application, and confirm in the detailed operation process to ensure that the application of the insulation end is correct. Of course, we must use the insulation of the end of the head must also carry out some checks to ensure that the insulation of the end to be used is not damaged, quality and performance are qualified

Now let me explain to you the connection of the two types of insulated terminals. The first is the termination of the insulated terminals. When the insulated terminals are terminated, we must strictly follow the standard operating requirements of the termination after the corresponding inspection. Terminate at the corresponding node location. During the termination process, the maximum thickness of the insulation between the cable conductors used should be matched to that between the contacts, and the cable cores should also be matched to the contact ends.


The other is the welding method of the insulation end. Generally, the welding method is based on the diameter of the wire to select the electric iron with the corresponding power. During the welding process, care must be taken not to let the flux flow into the insulation terminal, which will result in the entire insulated terminal. The resistance drops.

Of course, if the insulated end is not separated before it needs to be connected, we need to put some protective cap on the insulated end or take some other dustproof measures, which can effectively make the insulated end in a clean state, of course If the insulation end is not separated for a long time after it is connected and used, insurance can be put between the plug and the socket to ensure the safe and stable operation of the insulation end. Also, try to ensure that the axis line of the plug and the socket are coincident. , This prevents cable sagging resulting in damage to the entire insulated end connector.

If the insulation end does not perform dust prevention during the storage process, subsequent cleaning should be done when the insulation end is used. Wipe off the insulation end with a piece of silk cloth moistened with absolute ethanol, and dry after cleaning. Can be put into normal use, of course, some of the chemical solvents that may affect the insulation of the end is prohibited to clean the insulation head, and some acetone chemical solvents will have a harmful effect on the insulation end.

Finally, for safety reasons, the insulated terminals must not be energized until they are fully connected or locked. After the threaded mounting of the insulated terminals, the insulated terminals of this type of connection need to be protected. Loosen the device to ensure the safety of the insulation end.

The above is a summary of the insulation terminal manufacturers - West China Science and Technology on the insulation of the end of the application note, I hope everyone after reading, can have a more in-depth understanding of the application of insulation end.