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Insulation end features introduced

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

How much do you know about the characteristics of the insulation end? If you don't know or know much about the characteristics of the insulated tip, it's better to know more about this to make it easier and safer for you to use the insulated tip. The following describes the characteristics of the insulation head:

Nowadays, the insulated terminals are equipped with UK connection technology and a circuit composed of electronic components added to the insulation terminals in order to meet the needs of customers has realized the transmission coupling in the transmission process.

The former insulated end is separated from the control unit and sensor, etc. because it is to avoid the interference of the automatic control core, but now the insulated end is different. For example, the optical isolation edge of the head is very good for this product. The appearance of this kind of situation is the best choice for those customers who use the insulated terminal with a small space and cannot be separated too far.

If you use a signal device or a control device in some low-voltage environment, the insulated terminal is the best choice because the insulated terminal can automatically match the low voltage when connected, so that the device can be used more stably, and the insulated end The head is also able to automatically control other peripheral products through these devices with only a simple setting. Insulated terminals also ensure that these devices can be used under different voltages and powers to ensure the safety of customers when using signal devices and regulating devices. Also, the insulated terminals do not need to maintain the insulation terminals. To do too much maintenance just needs to clean the package nearby.