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  • Cold pressure end introduction

    Insulated terminals, also known as cold-pressed terminals, electronic connectors, and air connectors all belong to the cold-pressed terminals. It is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which is divided into co...

  • Cold-pressing head features

    Utilizing the existing rail-type connection terminal UK connection technology and installing a circuit composed of electronic components, the transmission coupling of the photoelectric process is realized. The core of automatic control is t...

  • Copper terminal introduction

    Do you know copper terminals for this product? If you dont know the copper terminal, its better to find out if this can make you more convenient when using the copper terminal and you can let you select the most through the introduction of...

  • What is the cold end?

    Do you know what cold end is? If you dont know about cold-pressing this product, you may want to find out about it. This will prevent you from missing a good product. The following introduces cold-pressed end products for you: Cold-pressing...

  • Insulation end features introduced

    How much do you know about the characteristics of the insulation end? If you dont know or know much about the characteristics of the insulated tip, its better to know more about this to make it easier and safer for you to use the insulated...

  • Insulated terminal industry development

    Nowadays, the application of insulated terminals is more and more extensive, and more and more wires are connected through insulated terminals. In fact, the insulated terminal is very simple. In fact, in the final analysis, a metal piece is...

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