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How to choose the insulation end

Part of the article:未知 Popularity:发表时间:2018-06-20

Nowadays, the number of insulated terminals on the market is increasing, but the quality levels are not uniform. How can we choose some good quality insulated terminals at the time of purchase? Everyone is very concerned about this issue. Today I will explain it to you. How about the insulation end quality will be better.

In general, the advantages and disadvantages of insulated terminals actually depends on three major factors. The first major factor is the material used as the basis for the production of insulated terminals. The material used in any good product is not particularly bad. In fact, it is insulated. The design before the terminal production, doing things and products are the same, all need to be planned in advance, and finally the processing technology used in the production of insulated end, the processing technology must meet the standards, or else the material and design It's just wasteful.

Therefore, most of our selection of insulated terminals in the market is based on these three aspects. First of all, we look at the insulation material of an insulation terminal. The insulation of the insulation terminal is preferably flame-retardant. For engineering plastics, the conductive material is preferably copper.


The second is based on the shape of the insulation head we can see a design of the insulation head before production, a good insulation head in the appearance will give a comfortable and clean feeling, some seem very inappropriate insulation The end is not when we choose to buy.

The last is that we can look at the place where the thread end of the insulation end is machined. If the threading is not good, it means that the manufacturer is not qualified in the production process of the insulated terminal, and the insulated terminal produced has a relatively small role in connecting the wires, even without effect.

The above is how I choose to explain the insulation of the end, I hope everyone can read the insulation of the end by a certain understanding, later in the selection of the insulation of the end when they can also choose to high-quality insulation end.