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How to choose cold terminal head

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Nowadays, cold-pressed terminal heads are gradually applied in various fields. It mainly uses a component in the connection process of the battery and the outside. In this process, it plays a role in transmitting signals and conducting electricity. We often face a lot of choices when choosing cold-pressed terminal blocks. At this time, we must consider many factors and choose the most suitable cold-pressed terminal block.

We must consider various aspects when choosing cold-pressing terminal types. For example, wire diameter, current, wiring direction, wiring method, and application occasions all need to be considered. We must choose a reasonable design scheme. After the purchase, it is easy to operate. In the connection mode, you must select the appropriate cold-pressing terminal. For example, you need to weld the cold-pressed terminal and you cannot select some cold-pressed terminals suitable for winding.


Secondly, we must consider the function and quality of the cold-pressed terminal block. Generally, the quality of the cold-pressed terminal block on the market is identified, but there are still some manufacturers still exist in troubled fish, and there are There will be some cold-pressed terminal blocks with poor quality. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose cold-pressed terminal blocks with a relatively large brand influence. Because the brand's influence is large, it means that many people should choose to use it and be recognized. , so the quality is certainly guaranteed, but what is the appropriate cold-press terminal? This must consider several aspects, the first aspect is the size of the wiring, each of the different cold-pressed terminal head wiring size and wiring range are obviously different, we are in the choice of cold-pressed terminal head The time is definitely to confirm the actual wiring range, so just like we usually buy other things, when you choose to cold-press the terminal, you can choose a cold-press terminal that has a slightly wider range than the actual wiring. This can avoid the subsequent use of cold-pressed terminal heads, because the actual cold-wired terminal head's actual wiring range is less than the marked wiring range, resulting in the purchase of the above error, so that the purchase of cold-pressed wiring head is not The law is applied in practice. The second is to choose the appropriate current in the selection of the cold-pressed terminal. In the entire electronics industry, the product is very strict with the current regulation, so the cold-pressing terminal is also the same, each different The cold-pressed terminal has its own specific current specification. Each product must meet the specified current and even exceed it. If the test fails, it must be remanufactured. Therefore, we are choosing cold-pressed terminals. When you choose the cold current terminal head current you need to choose the right, the last is to take into account their own use of cold pressure terminal head place, according to their own use of space to determine their own needs to use cold terminal head, different The size of the space can choose different cold-pressed terminal blocks, so just select the appropriate cold-pressed terminal block according to your own needs. For example, some relatively small spaces can use double-layer cold-pressed terminal blocks.

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